Rob from Chicago

Interviews with protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement and in reaction to the murder of George Floyd.

By Michelle Lozano, A-LMFT

Photo taken by Rob at Saturday Chicago protest.

Please share your first name, age and any identities you want to share. 

My name is Rob and I am 28 years old.

When I was there I would call the majority of what was going on a protest. There were a select few people that were looting, but for the most part the protest was full of people peacefully protesting.

Q. When and where did you attend protest? What streets did you cover?   

I was at the Chicago protests on Saturday 5/30/2020 from about 2pm until 630-7pm. The majority of the time I was on state and Wacker. That’s where it seemed like there was the most people.

Q. What should we call it, a protest, riot, or both?    

I think that the media is twisting the narrative on a lot of what’s going on.

From what I saw, the majority of the people were peacefully protesting and didn’t cause any damage to the city. Of course there was a select few, but in my opinion, the police were the one’s escalating the situation.

They were provoking people. Obviously they need to do their job when it comes to stopping people from looting, but in my opinion, they were being extremely forceful and violent towards people that were simply protesting, not looting.

Q. What stood out to you the most? 

When I just took a moment to stop and look around, there were people of all nationalities PEACEFULLY protesting, yet the police were acting chaotic. They used tear gas on people that we doing nothing but protesting.

Q. Why did you go out?

I stand up and with the black community. I am sick and tired of racism in our world. I feel compelled to make my voice heard by protesting. 

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News: Live Protest Updates in Chicago

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